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Weber - 3 Steps to better tiling

Our videos introduce you to the 3 steps of tiling, namely prep, adhesive & grouting so that you can choose the perfect product solution for your tiling job.

Surface Prep

The first step is surface preparation. This video will outline considerations for surface preparation and how to use our additives. Before you begin tiling, you need to prepare the surface onto which you will tile. This is where our surface preparation & additive products excel.

Prep Products:

  • Key-it
  • Bond-it
  • Universal Bonding Aid
  • weber.prim Plaskey
  • Barrier Flexkey
  • weber.klin Barrier Wall & Floor Sealer
  • Barrier Cement Waterproofing Additive
  • weber.cote Barrier Cement-based Decorative Waterproofing Coating
  • weber.tec Barrier Waterproof Crack Filler






In the second video of our Weber three step guide to better tiling we focus on Adhesives. Once your surface has been prepared with the relevant surface prep & additive products, it's time to choose the appropriate adhesive based on a few factors outlined in this video.

Adhesive Products:

  • weber.set Ceramic S
  • weber.set Ceramic L
  • weber.set Ceramic White
  • weber.set Porcelain S
  • weber.set Porcelain L
  • weber.set Porcelain Rapid 12
  • weber.set Mosaic-fix
  • weber.set Quick-set 6
  • weber.fix Super-flex
  • weber.set Ultra-flex





The third and final video of our Weber three step guide to better tiling will take you through our Grout range as the final selection that needs to be made. Once your tiles have been fixed to the prepared surface, it's time to grout.

Grouting Products:

  • weber.grout Barrier Waterproof Tile Grout
  • weber.grout Tile Grout WB33