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Weber Flooring: Speed, Strength, Durability and Aesthetics.

Weber Flooring products includes a series of cement-based flooring products suitable for specific applications.

Suitable for commercial, Industrial, Residential, Hospitality, Education and Healthcare Sectors.

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Floors and Screeds

Floors and Screeds (6)

Various flooring solutions based on your specific needs – from aesthetics to functional features and benefits.

Floor Coating

Floor Coating (5)

A range of protective and decorative coatings.

Insulating Aggregates

Insulating Aggregates (1)

Superlight aggregate for the preparation of lightweight thermal insulation mortars.

Floor Care

Floor Care (5)

The Weber Floor Care product range is designed to help you maintain your hard surface flooring to a professional standard.

Key Products

weber.floor Pro

weber.floor Pro

A rapid-setting, fast-drying economically priced underlay screed.

weber.floor 4602

weber.floor 4602

A rapid setting, fast-drying underlay screed for industrial use.

weber.floor 4310

weber.floor 4310

A rapid-setting rapid-drying fibre-modified underlay for application up to 50 mm.

weber.floor 4655

weber.floor 4655

A fast-drying, fastsetting underlay screed specifically designed for use with epoxy and urethane coatings

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