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Saint-Gobain Weber announced Light Steel Frame category joint winners in 2016 Steel Awards

15 09 2016

Saint-Gobain Weber were announced joint winners in the Light Steel Frame (LSF) category in the 2016 SAISC Steel Awards, as cladding supplier of The Mall of Africa Façade and Parapet Walls.

The wind load on roof parapet walls (some in excess of 3 meters), was overcome by reinforcing the LSF wall panels with a Light Steel Frame web joist. The benefits of using Light Steel Frame cladding is that it requires less or no crane time, installation is rapid, its durable, requires very little maintenance and in addition, the weight bearing is reduced on the super structure, given no concrete is used.

One of the biggest challenges faced by the engineers on this project was the extra large openings and unusually high parapet walls (+3meters). The use of Light Steel Frame has opened a whole new world for architects, and engineers are now challenged to become more innovative and creative with their specification of Light Steel Frame in future projects. The Mall of Africa is really the benchmark for what is possible and the future of Light Steel Frame use in construction.  

“The main benefit is the speed of installation. The ETICS lightweight walling is a far more expedient construction methodology than traditional masonry walls. It is also a lightweight product and is beneficial for use where there are slab loading limitations. I would recommend the system to other Architects or Engineers. The benefits of the system far outway the limitations, which can always be managed,” explained Tia Kanakakis, The Mall of Africa appointed Architect.  

“We are very proud of this achievement and our thanks go to all stakeholders who worked together on this project, to achieve this prestigious industry award. The Mall of Africa is a project that bears testimony to the plethora of attributes and benefits of ETICS and Light weight steel, recognising its long term benefits and positive impact on the environment, paving the way for the future of architectural cladding in South Africa,” said Carol-Anne Curtis, Weber Product Manager – ETICS and Facades d 

Project Team:

  • Client/Owner/ Developer: Atterbury Waterfall Investment Company 
  • Architect: MDS Architecture 
  • Structural Engineer: HAGE
  • Quantity Surveyor: NWS
  • Project Manager: GHC Africa
  • Main Contractor: Group 5/WBHO
  • Steel Contractor & Nominator: Ohlhorst Light Building Solutions
  • Steelwork Contractor: Clotan Steel
  • Cladding supplier: Saint-Gobain Weber