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Weber in South Africa

Weber is an international leader in the manufacturing and application of innovative and practical tiling solutions, as well as industrial mortars.

It has tripled its size over the past 10 years reflecting its strength and reliability to its customers in whatever part of the world they are active.

In 2006, Saint-Gobain acquired Tylon Holdings incorporating the business unit into Saint-Gobain Construction products.

Saint-Gobain Weber

In South Africa, Weber has a comprehensive range of tile adhesives, primers and grouts that provide its customers with quality products, excellent functionality and ease of use. Weber South Africa also extended its product categories to the decorative range, which includes cementitious finishes as well as ETICS (External Thermal Insulating Composite System). 

Weber has 4 factories: 

  • Alrode, Gauteng 
  • Epping, Cape Town 
  • Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape 
  • Durban, KwaZulu Natal   

What we value

The development of innovative, reliable and competitive solutions that satisfy the techniques and characteristics of each situation means observing the following guiding principles:   

Be close to our customers:

  • This is why we prefer a decentralised structure, with local teams of specialised sales representatives. Guaranteeing all our customers the best possible service means understanding their needs and their profession.       

Recognise the valuable contribution that our customers can make: 

  • Our customers are a vital source of inspiration. Developing our products and services in consultation with our customers means we can be sure of their quality. 

Respect diversity: 

  • There is no such thing as a universal product for customers all over the world. On the contrary, diversity is a wonderful asset and a source of multiple opportunities. 


Weber makes its global experience available to each country to develop the most appropriate solutions for them. What makes the business so inspiring is the constant stream of new objectives, thanks to the endless creativity of their customers.